Chapter 10 response

1. It seems that Lynn’s work are purely computational and a result of those algorithms with a clear intent on not relying on any previous precedents.  Although Gehry might argue that same position, his work clearly has a strong influence from previous works of architecture especially when compared to the Altes museum.

2. The conceptual is the translation form eye to mind, the phenomenal on the other hand is from the mind to the eye.

3.The computer allows him to translate his analogical process into the digital realm.

4. I believe that the comparison between the two buildings is very clear and valid.  The organization of the U and Corner of the building I found where very strong, especially since that is not what you would expect to see in a Gehry type building.

5. It is not just an extension of a 2d cut, but rather a modulation that transforms and warps into different dimensions

6. This building does not share the typical type of dialectical characteristics, the relationships are phenomenal.  From the way the building appears you are not able to predict the program on the interior, the spaces are not just simple extrusions either but rather warp and have a circular force.

7. It is chosen as the final because unlike the other buildings, Lynn challenges the use of precedents and ignores history.  This creates a paradigm shift for the architecture of the future.

One Response to “Chapter 10 response”
  1. Sallie Hambright says:

    I wish you would have been able to attend this meeting. Your answers are very clear, and I think you would have been able to add a lot to our discussion.

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