ch 4 resposne

Chapter 4:

What is the difference and similarities between time in literature and time in architecture?

-Time is only imagined in the space of literature but experienced in the space of architecture.  In like literature the viewer can be freed from a moment in time.


How are the Adler and Devore houses linked in Eisenman’s understanding/explanation of diachronic time?  First discuss this in reference to the 9-square grid of the Adler House and with the wall in the Devore House.

-They both come out of the diagram of the grid; however through different manipulations the outcome is different.  The reference back to the classical and modern grids creates diachronic time that frees the viewer from that specific moment.


What does Eisenman mean by ‘trace’ in architecture?

-What Eisenman means by “trace” in architecture is that since you can still make out the origins it has left a slight trace making it a trace in the architecture.  They reflect that they are not from one specific point but from several conditions.


What does Eisenman means by ‘grain’?

-What Eisenman means by “grain” is that the spaces of the square units do not give any hint to directionality; however the columns and their groupings imply a sense of movement like a grain in wood.


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