ch 5 response

Chapter 5:

Eisenman says Venturi reintroduces history into contemporary architecture.  How can you see this in the Vanna Venturi House?

-Venturi reintroduces history into contemporary architecture through the inclusion of classical elements, such as the fireplace and making it a centralized feature with its extended chimney.


Can you read the plan of the VVH or building in multiple ways?  If so, which of the ways Eisenman discusses are most apparent? Icon/Symbol, Exterior/Interior Walls, 9 Square/4 Square/ABA/Cruciform, etc…

-The symmetry in the VVH makes it difficult to define a specific origin, the superimposing and overlapping grids gives it a complexity making it difficult to specify an origin.


Discuss the facade of the VVH.  Aedicule, compression, mask

-The facades work as screens and reflect the classical interpretation of a front and back, the roof that interweaves with the facade acts as a mask of those spaces.


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