ch 9 response

Chapter 9:

What is the difference between icon/symbol and index?  Discuss the index and the many facets Eisenman tries to raise about metaphysics and presence.

-Icon has a visual likeness to the object, symbol has an agreed upon or conventional meaning, index is a trace or record of an actual event or process.

Index represents the process and reflects a trace of what was once there.


Eisenman says that Libeskind is questioning linear axiality.  Why is this important or relevant? How does the Line of Fire project question axiality?

-The reason Libeskind is attempting to challenge axiality is because he is trying to step away from the typical Cartesian grid.  In the Line of Fire project the axis is broken up and is an index of outer points, challenging the typical symmetry or Cartesian grid.


Eisenman also claims that the index and denial of linear axiality questions the relationship of time.  How?

-It challenges the perception of time by not allowing the user to understand or refer back to its movement though that space.  Since the user has no way of knowing where he stands in relation to the building as a whole the sense of time as movement though space is lost.


What do you think of the reasoning put forward by Libeskind explaining the form of the Jewish Museum?

-I think that these almost arbitrary and conflicting axes, provokes the user with strong emotions and puts them in a state of mind to reflect on the conditions that the Jews faced during the holocaust.


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