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ch 9 response

Chapter 9: What is the difference between icon/symbol and index?  Discuss the index and the many facets Eisenman tries to raise about metaphysics and presence. -Icon has a visual likeness to the object, symbol has an agreed upon or conventional meaning, index is a trace or record of an actual event or process. Index represents … Continue reading

ch 8 resposne

Chapter 8: Discuss why Eisenman says Koolhaas’s use of the diagram has gone from symbolic to iconic. -In Koolhaa’s earlier work such as the New York athletic club, the building only represents a clear diagram of disconnected uses into one continuous building making it a symbolic diagram.  As Koolhaa’s work progresses throughout his career the … Continue reading

ch 6 response

Chapter 6 What I appreciated the most from the James Stirling building is the use of material in a conceptual mater.  The structure of the building seems illogical because of the way the tower is being supported by such slender columns, and even supported by the glass stair case.   The second main point and … Continue reading

ch 5 response

Chapter 5: Eisenman says Venturi reintroduces history into contemporary architecture.  How can you see this in the Vanna Venturi House? -Venturi reintroduces history into contemporary architecture through the inclusion of classical elements, such as the fireplace and making it a centralized feature with its extended chimney.   Can you read the plan of the VVH … Continue reading

ch 4 resposne

Chapter 4: What is the difference and similarities between time in literature and time in architecture? -Time is only imagined in the space of literature but experienced in the space of architecture.  In like literature the viewer can be freed from a moment in time.   How are the Adler and Devore houses linked in … Continue reading

A7 v3

Chapter 10 response

1. It seems that Lynn’s work are purely computational and a result of those algorithms with a clear intent on not relying on any previous precedents.  Although Gehry might argue that same position, his work clearly has a strong influence from previous works of architecture especially when compared to the Altes museum. 2. The conceptual … Continue reading