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Chapter/Lecture 9 Response

In Chapter 9, it begins by defining and distinguishing new terms: icon, symbol and index. “An icon had a visual likeness to its object and a symbol had an agreed upon or conventional meaning, then an index was a trace or record of an actual event or a process.” The term index goes more into … Continue reading

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Chapter/Lecture 8 Response

Chapter 8 is about the void of space. It begins by explaining Rem Koolhaas’s diagrams and how they become an iconic form. First, the diagram must be used as an icon, second, one must apply the iconic diagram directly to the problem of generating form. Koolhaas uses the void, which is conceived as an inversion of poche … Continue reading

Ch 7 response

The most intriguing part of this chapter to me is Peter Eisenmans claim that Rossi reintroduced typology into architecture through scale-less and meaningful elements.  I could not relate that back to Rossi’s works. The theme of textuality was brought up again as it relates to the Gallaratese housing and Modena Cemetery.  I believe that he … Continue reading

Chapter 7 response

Texts of Analogy – Aldo Rossi This review of Aldo Rossi is interesting in its idea of origins after the World War II. This develops his reaction to modernism metaphor base era of the grim postwar, the fascist monumentality and modernism. Rossi reaction was the escapist aesthetic which is a throwback to the neoliberty style. … Continue reading